Intelligence and wisdom

Intteligence quotient – differences between wisdom and intelligence

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between intelligence and wisdom? Do these concepts complement each other or do one confirm the other? Or are they completely separate issues?

Wisdom is the sum of experiences, it is the ability to predict and make decisions based on the knowledge you have. Wise people draw conclusions, advise and gain knowledge.

Intelligence is the efficiency of the mind, its sharpness, the ability to react quickly, the ability to think analytically, understand the world, solve problems.

Intteligence quotient – corelation between wisdom and intelligence

A number of studies show that intelligence is positively correlated with the speed of acquiring knowledge and helps to flexibly use it to achieve your goals. As a result, more intelligent people usually have greater knowledge and better education, but these concepts are not the same.

Wisdom, on the other hand, is more than knowledge, but still not the same as intelligence. We can say that a child is intelligent, but not necessarily wise. Also, not every elderly person is wise, even though he may have acquired extensive knowledge during his long life. Intelligence is potential, and wisdom is its fulfillment. The former may exist without the latter, but not vice versa.

In life situations, we are usually not given all the premises, so when making decisions, we use the accumulated knowledge. Therefore, in order to make a correct judgment, you need not only intelligence, but also knowledge about what influences a given situation, and therefore what information is necessary to make a correct decision.

Although intelligence and wisdom are not the same, they share a common mechanism – the ability to abstract. In intelligence tests, the rule (more often a set of rules) that governs the construction of the task should be abstracted and applied correctly when looking for a solution. Learning from experience also requires abstraction, which comes down to the formulation of a general rule with all its boundary conditions.

Author: MegaIQ Team

Intelligence and wisdom